NUTRAL THERAPY APILARNIL Drone Bee Extract for men

AN UNIQUE PRODUCT:Apilarnil is male bee brood homogenate, firstly used on elders who have psychotic, neurodegenerative or sexual disorders in Romania.
FERTILITY AND REPRODUCTIVE FUNCTION: It may help strengthen reproductivity and fertility capacity and may help to balance hormones.
NATURAL RELIABLE BEE PRODUCT: Gluten free, GDO free, gelatin free, preservatives free, artificial flavor and additives free natural product.
GLASS COLORED BOTTLES TO PRESERVE NUTRITIONS WELL: Glass is a non-toxic material compared to plastic for the supplements. It also has a high resistance to leaching into your product even when contained for long periods of time.

Item Form: Capsules
Allergen Information: People allergic to bees, bee products or bee pollen may experience allergic reactions.
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Product Dimensions: 3.27X1.97X1.97 inches
Product Weight: 4.59 ounces
Ingredients: Drone larvae extract and vegan capsule (Hydroxy Methyl Cellulose)

What is Apilarnil Extract?

Apilarnil is a drone larvae extract, containing the highest concentrations of nutrients found in drone larvae. Bee supplement Apilarnil contains no GMOs, animal derivatives, or additives.

Drone larva extract (lyophilized or freeze-dried) is an extract of the entire content of 7-day-old drone cells, i.e. both the 6-7-day-old drone larvae and the nutrients in the cells (honey, bee bread, traces of propolis) are used. For the production the cells are crushed, homogenized and filtered and then freeze-dried.

What are the Benefits of Apilarnil Extract?

It is an amino acid rich supplement that is beneficial to male health. It is known to play a role in the production of sperm and thus helps in the healthy functioning of the male reproductive system.



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